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North Carolina-based artist Jean Gray Mohs creates abstract objects that honor and bring attention to the processes and mechanisms of our inner landscape through the use of contrasting sturdy and fragile materials. Through various media and with a current focus on painting and sculpture, her work merges her lived experience as a person with chronic illness and past disability into art.  Using maple plywood and waxed thread, she hints at the presence of two bodies born separately but now bound in a new, perfect balance in a reflection of her experience with a double lung transplant. 


By using sturdy wood and the seemingly fragile waxed thread as art-making materials, she explores the emotional and physical space in those moments of vulnerability and resiliency.  Her work zooms in on ideas of strength, fragility, and balance, a world those with chronic illness know all too well.


Jean Gray received her BFA and MAT from Georgia Southern University. Jean Gray has exhibited at the Contemporary Art Museum, Artspace, Peel Gallery, Artlink, Greenhill Gallery, the North Carolina Museum of Art, Duke University Hospital, Georgia Southern University, North Dakota State University, Atrium Wake Forest Baptist  Hospital, Meredith College, Lamar Dodd School of Art in Italy, and collaborated on a piece for Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.  She has been an artist in residence at Level Retreat, Drake Island, Summerfield Farm, and Thrive Together. She was a founding member of the Stillmoreroots group based out of Georgia for 20 years. She has received grants from the United Arts Council, Wake County Schools, and Georgia Rural Economic Development Center.


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