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Artist Support Services

After many inquiries and requests, I have created a few digital tools and resources to help grow your practice. Borrow from some of my tried and true methods as working artist for the past 20 years.

In Person

In Raleigh or the Triangle, come and meet up with some local artists for an informal group that meets once a month.

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Deconstructed: Finding your Ideal Client 

Use my map to artistic success with Deconstructed: Finding Your Ideal ClientUsing this workbook you will define your arts niche, target your ideal clients, create a working spreadsheet that will track your research & relationships, and plot out your weekly admin and networking.


Object as Vessel, Process as Catharsis Workbook

COMING SOON The thread of my work through the years follows this model of Object as Vessel Process as Catharsis. This video and workbook walks and talks through my bodies of work and how they translate the chapters of my life and work.  Working through a guided workbook, focus in on a chapter of your life and create your own object as vessel.


Personal Critique Session

Two thirty minute sessions via zoom or an hour in person at Artspace to discuss your work in-depth.  Set up a time here. Venmo me to confirm appointment.


Tailoring your brand


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