Woven Strangers 2022

Everyday forces are at work in our very own bodies that allow us to breathe and move. They can go easily unnoticed unless there is some sort of disruption.  The pulse of our hearts, the inhalation and exhalation of our lungs all in a steady rhythm carry us through our days. We depend upon these natural mechanisms and like clockwork they support us.  Those of us in the disabled and chronic illness community are in tune with these disruptions all too well. 


I make abstracted objects that honor and bring attention to these processes and mechanisms through the use of contrasting sturdy and fragile materials. My objects communicate the body’s tenacity and put emphasis on the balance we all walk in this world.  These pieces celebrate the harsh edges of life and closely observe our bodies’ exposure to time and disease.  As fragile and fleeting as life is, it is also strong and relentless, unhindered by the constant barrage of obstacles sent its way.