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Storytelling is never more provocative than when seen through visual literacy.

Mamalu's Secrets


Mamalu’s Secrets is a touching exchange between mother and daughter that is suitable for all ages. The book contains vivid illustrations and affectionate texts. Mamalu’s Secrets examines a vibrant and endearing familial relationship meaning to be shared, read aloud or privately explored. The uplifting themes demonstrate the complexity, intimacy and necessity of meaningful relationships among family.


Uncle Henbo & The Best Crabbing Trip Ever


Uncle Henbo and The Best Crabbing Trip Ever is the first book release in an eight-book series.  In this book, you meet the Ford Family, specifically William and his family, on their annual trip to the beach.

Uncle Henbo, an imaginative yet insightful picture book, takes place in the coastal marshes of South Carolina.  The warm amusing narrative demonstrates a little about every Southerner’s favorite pastime, crabbing, while reinforcing the importance of family ties. Throughout the book are hilarious memories and stories of the Ford family as remembered by our main character William.

The Blank Eater


The Blank Eater is a charming fictional account of an animal finding its way in this world.  Come along on this hilarious journey as the blank eater stumbles through self discovery.

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