Alluvium (Release in Spring 2020) SOLD

Over the course of my career, art has always been a place where I have narrated my life and has naturally been the language used to interpret my story.  This has translated in many forms; through watercolors during the birth of my children, through acrylic during some health issues, and even through ball point pen through the loss of my brother.  I tackle the ideas of barriers, separation, human experience, and my own character. The act of creating something from nothing is a remarkable tool, which can be used to heal and to understand the deeper sea of our own minds. It is a place I find sanctuary, peace, reflection, and often clarity.  It allowed me to focus my vision and helped to steer my thoughts into a place of positivity and acceptance.  My work is linked to translating the clash of opposing forces of relationships.

This body of work, Alluvium, represents the tides and the sediment left behind.  What fertile soil is born? This is an exploration into my new life post double lung transplant.

Raleigh, North Carolina Artist

© Jean Gray Mohs Studio 2020

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