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An Adult At Rest Spring 2019 Collection

5/9 - 6/19: "An Adult at Rest" Sertoma Arts Center, Raleigh, NC

The naturalist John Burroughs writes: “All life asks is opportunity; it takes its chances in the clash of opposing forces; it loses at one point and gains at another; the hazards of time and change modify it; hindering it or helping it, but do not extinguish it.”

As an artist, creation is a remarkable tool, which can be used to heal and to understand the deeper sea of our own minds. It is a place I find sanctuary, peace and reflection. My work has always been linked to this process that reflects on the emotional strains of life and the strings that connect us all – whether it is our blood lines, our past, our pain, or our joy. Through my own work I have addressed my own frailty and have challenged the viewer and myself by placing my own truths on the page.

This body of work is an attempt at coming to terms with my lung disease; I am currently dependent on oxygen. Each one of these pieces are meant to capture the dynamic of one single breath. An adult at rest, sitting or sedentary, will take anywhere from 12 to 20 breaths a minute. These paintings are snapshots of what I imagine is involved in one breath. These abstract works show movement and colors eroding, they make visible the process of a thing washing away or settling in stillness. They help me to recognize the beauty in the unknown.

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