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Alluvium 2020 Spring Release

5/9/20: "Alluvium" Quarantine Gallery, Everywhere, World. Artist Talk

The naturalist John Burroughs writes: “All life asks is opportunity; it takes its chances in the clash of opposing forces; it loses at one point and gains at another; the hazards of time and change modify it; hindering it or helping it, but do not extinguish it.”

Over the course of my career, art has always been a place where I have narrated my life and has naturally been the language used to interpret my story. This has translated in many forms; through watercolors during the birth of my children, through acrylic during some health issues, and even through ball point pen through the loss of my brother. I tackle the ideas of barriers, separation, human experience, and my own character. The act of creating something from nothing is a remarkable tool, which can be used to heal and to understand the deeper sea of our own minds. It is a place I find sanctuary, peace, reflection, and often clarity. My work is linked to translating the clash of opposing forces of relationships.

These abstract works show movement and colors eroding, they make visible the process of washing away or settling in stillness. They help me to recognize the beauty in the unknown. There is a forced loss of control in these pieces and an acceptance of marks made and unchanged. My process for this collection is not unlike Gerhard Richter or Helen Frankenthaler as I employ staining techniques as pouring and scraping paint across the surface. My work asks for only the few marks that are made and no more; they are thoughtfully constructed. Through this work, my own frailty and truths are splashed across the page, losing at one point and gaining at another.

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