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Walter Magazine April 2020

In April of 2020, the eloquent write Susannah Klingenberg wrote a very lovely piece about my work and my recent experiences.

Here is a small excerpt...

"To study Mohs’ body of work is to dive into a thoughtful exploration of life, hers and yours. Her work is at once intensely personal and universal, exploring topics like childbearing, health, joy, grief and family. That mine-is-yours approach is inherent to Mohs’ warm personality, but it’s also by design. “I want my work to establish dialogue with people,” she explains. “I want to facilitate a meaningful experience, for people to have something to take away.”

Over the years, Mohs’ mediums have ranged from forest moss to charcoal to acrylics. She approaches art through the lens of a storyteller: the idea comes first and the presentation follows suit. Since her art explores her life, a subject that’s inherently dynamic, her style is always unfolding. Mohs is pragmatic about the diversity of her work: she says each new chapter naturally demands a new approach simply because, “I haven’t lived just one story.”"

Give the rest a read.

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