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A Socially Distanced International Exhibition

March 9, 2021 - April 9, 2021

Sustenance Exhibition Discussion

Sustenance has taken on deeper meaning after 2020. Our communities and social structures changed while the minutiae of daily life became a battle with monotony and chaos. Through the many forces that have been at work during this global pandemic, we’ve found a small group of women that may not have met otherwise. In this group, sustenance is the life-giving force created in human encounters, the strength that we generate when we share our stories and initiate a new path together. 


Through the Artist/Mother Critique Group, we six artist mothers came together and discussed art, life, and the extensions of each. Through this exchange and within each other’s work, we found freedom, levity, connection, and support. As a group, we have asked how one sustains themselves beyond the basics of food, shelter, and sleep. We found the answer is within ourselves. We found one another and rediscovered our own work. We found our bodies, our emotions, and our ideas. 

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